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Akira Recording

艾莉亞音樂學院 現正推出專業錄音錄影服務,適合因受疫情影響而需要以視頻錄影摸式進行的術科考試及比賽。


In view of the current pandemic situation and with increased demand, AAM now provides professional video and audio recording services, tailored for practical music examinations and online competitions.


Videos will be recorded in an "unedited' manner according to requirements set by most examination boards and competition organisers. In order to produce high-fidelity video and audio recordings, AAM's equipments are all professional-grade.  - An essential part of an impressive video performance.



AAM Recital Room

艾莉亞音樂學院 設有場地及練習室的租用服務。我們的 AAM Recital Room 備有三角琴,用途多元化,由小型音樂會、戲劇綵排、錄音,以至錄影,也能滿足你的要需求。設有直身琴的練習室,則提供充足的空間,給需要練習或上課的老師及同學租用。


如欲租用場地及練習室, 請先填妥表格並繳交租用費。若以支票型形式繳付費用,抬頭請寫上 “Aria Academy of Music Ltd”。預約成功後,我們發出確認電郵作實。場地租用一經確認,將不能取消及退款。

( 房間內請勿飲食 )

Rooms at the AAM are available for you to practice. Each room has either an upright or baby grand piano that are tuned on a regular basis. Our AAM Recital Room is the perfect place for artists/musicians of all levels to experience the ultimate in performance, comfort, security and service. The space is also a perfect location for your next musical event, small concert, live stream or photo session.

Available for anyone to rent, our 2 rooms and AAM Recital Room are great if you live in an apartment in Hong Kong where practicing an instrument is not allowed.


Reservation and rental fees are due at the time of application. If paying by cheque, make it payable to Aria Academy of Music Ltd. A confirmation email will be sent to you when the reservation is approved. Fee is non-refundable once the reservation is made and confirmed.

(Food and beverages are not allowed inside)

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