• To educate students to be more interactive, collaborative and passionate about singing

  • To bring enjoyment, friendship and happiness through singing

  • To raise the standard of classical vocal music in Hong Kong to the next level


Founded by renowned vocal artists Albert Lim and Alex Tam, the Aria Academy of Music (AAM)'s syllabus covers a wide range of musical styles from Baroque to Broadway Musical, with singing languages including Italian, German, French, Latin, Chinese and English.


Bringing to Hong Kong a new concept of vocal classes, and instead of merely on a one-on-one teaching basis, the AAM offers a package of classes with individual lessons, diction coaching, concert practice, ensemble and acting classes, in order to evoke students' potential and make singing even more interesting and interactive.


Apart from learning from your major voice teacher, students are encouraged to learn from other instructors, coaches, and their colleagues. 

About Aria Academy of Music - AAM

The Aria Academy of Music Logo

The concept of the AAM logo came from the 5 lines of a musical staff. The design focused on its balance of weight and preciseness, yet on the other hand providing a level of energetic movements with its sharp edges. The logo truly symbolized the momentum and high energy level of the Aria Academy of Music. 


The AAM logo is designed by Mr. Alan Chan, MH, an internationally acclaimed graphic and interior designer. During his career in advertising and design, he has won hundreds of local and international awards, including awards from the Communication Arts, the New York Art Directors Club, D & AD, the Tokyo Typedirectors Club, Japan Typography Association, the Hong Kong Designers Association, the HK4A's. He is named Designer of the Year by the Hong Kong Artist Guild, in 1989. 



  • To provide professional training in order to help students achieve great results in exams and competitions, to the best of their ability

  • To widen students' access to professional and tertiary-level training

  • To offer a one-stop vocal and performance training solution through a comprehensive curriculum tailored to all skill levels and goals

  • To enrich the musical culture through creating and retaining outstanding students and performers


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Aria Academy of Music

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